Message from the Coach
Date of Event Gosnells Cricket Club: Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:59AM

To All Members of the Gosnells Cricket Club



I am thrilled to have been appointed the new Head Coach of the Gosnells Cricket Club and am looking forward to an exciting year ahead. I would like to thank the Committee for putting their faith in me in taking this Club forward in such an exciting period.


We have a core group of players with some very talented youth coming up through the junior grades. It is going to be my role to make sure that I, along with my coaching team, create an environment where all players, senior and junior can improve their skills and ultimately enjoy the game of cricket with their team mates.


I believe in building strong individual and team bonds. I believe it’s pivotal in creating an enjoyable environment that will give the Club the opportunity for sustained success. I urge all players to get on board, a total buy in across all grades is vital in building a new culture for our Cricket Club. I offer an invitation to extended family members to be a part of this exciting journey also, the Club is a family friendly place and I would personally like to welcome you all.


To the past players and Life Members. I would also like to invite you back out to the Club. The many years of service you have given to the Club is very important to the history we are all a part of. I think it would be great for the new generation of players to be able to acknowledge and learn about the players that played before them. It would be an opportunity to pass on knowledge and share stories of past experiences as well as a few tall tales to be told.


So to all players, past and present, junior and senior I would like to invite you on an exciting journey forward with the Gosnells Cricket Club. Come with open minds and ready for change as we move into a new era. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I will leave you with “Always play for the front of your shirt not the back” If we all live by this I have no doubt we will ensure the future at the Gosnells Cricket Club is a bright one.


Kind Regards

Ryan Duffield

Head Coach

Gosnells Cricket Club

Last updated: Tuesday July 16, 2019 9:46AM
Author: Paul smedley